Utilize data to process car insurance claims efficiency, mitigating the risk of fraud and ensuring proper payment mechanisms.

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Automate car claims processing

The value of the car insurance sector accounts for a significant share of the global insurance industry. To optimize claims management processes vehicle insurers are adopting advanced analytics technologies to establish their competitive advantage in an increasingly dynamic industry.


  • Receive the next best recommendation on what to do with your claim
  • Analyze a large bulk of textual data and automatically extract and analyze all information
  • Reduce the dependence on subjective claims handler evaluations prone to human error
  • Easily manage vehicle claims with multiple claimants
  • Increase the quality of customer service

Address car insurance fraud

The abundance of data insurance companies store presents an opportunity to automate processes to better detect instances of fraud. AI systems can effectively detect various fraud scenarios such as exaggerated damage assessments, claims for an unexpected medical procedure after an accident, or an abnormally long time between a vehicle accident and claim application, among other scenarios.


  • Receive the next best recommendation for your claims processing
  • Identify suspicious patterns in claims
  • Utilize sophisticated algorithms to assign suspicious scores to claims
  • Reduce unnecessary and fraudulent payouts
  • Fast-track resolutions for unsuspicious claims giving them more time to investigate suspicious claims

Case Study Download: Vehicle Insurance Claims Optimization

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