Allowing health insurers to fast track claims, stop fraud in its tracks and improve claims payouts.

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Automate health claims processing

The health claims management process is a labor-intensive process. Due to the delicate nature of health claims applications needs to flow through various checkpoints towards approval. When dealing with such sensitive claims delays in claims processing can lead to customer distrust. With AI solutions better claims processing can lead to better health care experiences.


  • Receive the next best recommendation on what to do exactly with your claim
  • Reduce the administrative burden of claims handling
  • Increase standardization in claims settlement mechanics
  • Improve SLA for non-suspicious claims
  • Process a high volume of claims with high accuracy
  • Integrate automation with your existing claims platforms

Tackle health insurance fraud

In Europe alone, healthcare fraud losses amount to €30 billion annually. Fraud is an incredibly pervasive issue that needs to be addressed effectively in the early stages of claims processing to mitigate significant cost losses.


  • Detect fraudulent claims with unparalleled accuracy
  • Identify fraud network connections between key variables such as doctors, agents, medical imaging etc
  • Allow claims investigators to focus their attention on suspicious claims
  • Shorten decision-making timeframes

Case Study Download: Health Insurance Claims Optimization

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