Data-driven claims management for efficient and quick travel claims resolutions.

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Transform the customer claims experience

More than the other insurance segments, travel insurance requires an incredibly fast approval process. That is why automation is particularly important to accelerate travel claims processing. In times when claimants may be dealing with difficult situations abroad, fast-tracked claims are incredibly important.


  • Receive the next best recommendation on how to process your claim
  • Analyze a large bulk of textual data and automatically extract and analyze all information
  • Reduce the dependence on subjective claims handler evaluations prone to human error
  • Increase the quality of customer service
  • Improve the claims experience

Reduce Frequency of Travel Insurance Fraud

Fraudulent claims are incredibly common in travel claims coming in various forms including claiming items that were never lost, misrepresenting evidence, or exaggerating the value of an item. These instances of fraud can be incredibly difficult to detect without the right tools. AI can help to boost the identification of suspicious and fraudulent claims.


  • Make correlations between suspicious networks
  • Reduce instances of fraud
  • Ensure non-suspicious claims are processed quickly
  • Improve ROI

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