Property Insurance

Automate property insurance claims management to ensure standardization of claims processing and unparalleled detection of suspicious and fraudulent claims.

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Claims Automation for Property Insurance

Standardization in property insurance is incredibly important to ensure better decision-making and greater accuracy in claims processing. With real-time AI analysis insurers enable teams to act on quickly and reliably on claims outcomes ensuring a better return on investment.


  • Ensure a seamless customer experience
  • Improve claim handler productivity
  • Increase the speed of claims resolutions
  • Focus human expertise on more complex tasks

Tackle health insurance fraud

Property fraud are incredibly common occurrences. Over exaggerations of property damage or unwarranted robbery claims can be a fairly difficult instance of fraud to detect even for the most seasoned handlers. Losses resulting from fraud erode profit margins and drive premiums for customers. Fraud detected enabled by AI technology can make all the difference.


  • Understand the root cause of suspicions and fraudulent claims
  • Make more accurate decisions
  • Uncover hidden insights impossible for humans to detect
  • Improve and inform underwriting policies

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